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Welcome to CareFirst’s Information Security Review. In recognition of National Computer Security Day, the CareFirst IInformation Security Department is sponsoring a Computer Security Awareness quiz. On this page you can measure your information security knowledge.

In addition you can help the CareFirst Information Security Department choose an information security icon for future use on and become eligible for daily prize drawings and a grand prize drawing. By submitting your completed quiz you are automatically entered in a daily drawing for a $25 gift certificate at the Company Store and a $50 grand prize drawing from Target.

Before you begin, you may want to review the online Information Security Awareness Guide along with the CareFirst policies on Intranet, Internet and Email usage.

Test Your Knowledge

Listed below are nine basic questions about information security at CareFirst.

Please click the small button beside the choice you think best answers the question.

If you answer any question incorrectly, the quiz will give you one chance to change your answer.

There are no penalties for wrong answers.

The reward for submitting your quiz is the peace of mind and confidence that comes from knowing you’re ready to prevent information security breeches at work. Thank you!

Ready? Begin:

1. What should you do when you leave your workstation?

2. What should you include in your password?

3. Whom can you contact when you see a security violation?

4. What should you do when you discover a virus?

5. What should you NEVER do with your password?

6. When should you change your password?

7. What should you do when you need additional software on your PC?

8. CareFirst email is the property of _____________

9. Who is responsible for information security?

10. Please vote for one of the following information security icon designs. The winning design will be announced in December.



Please provide the following information:

Your Name: Ed Bossle

Your Office Location: Owings Mills HQ

Your Department: CorpComm

Your Phone: 410-998-6774

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The information contained herein is CareFirst confidential / proprietary. Legal Disclaimer