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MACMaximum Allowable Cost/Maximum Annual Copayment
Managed CareA general term for organizing doctors and hospitals into health care delivery networks with the intent of lowering costs and managing the medical care provided. HMOs were the earliest form of managed care. Today there are many different kinds of plans, including Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans.
Mandated BenefitsSpecific component of health care coverage required by state or federal government.
Maternity CareThe care and treatment related to pregnancy and delivery of a newborn child.
Maximum Annual CopaymentThe limit on the amount of money a member spends in copayments in a calendar year for covered in-network expenses.
MBMedical Benefits
MCOManaged Care Organization
MCSManaged Care System
MED-CHIMedical & Chirurgical Facility of Maryland
Medical Equipment555-555-0199@example.com
Medical UnderwritingThe process of reviewing each applicant's personal health history and current health status to determine enrollment eligibility.
Medically NecessaryThe term "medically necessary" describes the use of a service or supply which is:
MedicareA national, federally-administered health insurance program covering the cost of hospitalization, medical care, and some related health services for most people over age 65 and certain other eligible individuals.
Medicare Approved ChargeAmount on which Medicare bases its payment for medical services. It is the lower of either Medicare's fee schedule or the doctor's or supplier's actual charge for a service or supply.
Medicare Eligible EmployeesAll eligible employees over 65 that are not TEFRA eligible, as well as
Medicare Supplement ContractHealth insurance plan available to Medicare eligibles to cover the costs of physicians' services and other medical and health services not covered by Medicare.
Medicare (Part A)Part of the Medicare law providing benefits for hospitalization, extended care and nursing home care to Medicare beneficiaries with no premium payment.
Medicare (Part B)Part of the Medicare law providing medical-surgical benefits to Medicare beneficiaries for a modest premium.
MemberAn eligible individual who is enrolled in an insurance plan. A member may be a subscriber or a dependent.
Mental Health ServicesServices primarily to treat any disorder that affects the mind or behavior.
MEOBMedicare Explanation of Benefits
MHAMaryland Hospital Association
MHINMaryland Health Information Network
MMMajor Medical
MPOSMaryland Point of Service
MSGRMaryland Small Group Reform
MSSOPMandatory Second Surgical Opinion Program
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