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The Preferred Drug List is subject to your benefit plan and changes frequently as new generic and brand-name drugs become available.

Note: This drug search is for Non-ACA plans only. Click here to search for ACA Plan Drugs.
(ACA plans are for individuals and families buying their own plan or members of an employer group with less than 51 employees purchasing insurance as of January 1, 2014.)

How the Drug Pricing Works:

We classify drugs into several main categories - Generic (some plans divide Generics into Preferred Generics and Non-Preferred Generics), Preferred Brand and Non-Preferred Brand drugs and Self-Administered Injectables/Specialty drugs. What you pay for your medication depends on the category it's in:

  • Generic drugs work the same as brand-name drugs, but cost much less. So you'll pay less to use them.
  • Preferred Brand drugs are as effective as non-preferred and are chosen for their effectiveness and affordability but are not available as generic. You will pay more than for generics, but less than for non-preferred brand drugs.
  • Non-preferred Brand drugs are often available as a less-expensive generic and are more expensive. You will pay the most for non-preferred brand drugs.
  • Self-Administered Injectables/Specialty drugs (excluding insulin) are the highest priced drugs are usually have coinsurance. These drugs are used to treat a serious or chronic condition.

When you can, ask your provider to prescribe a generic drug, or choose the generic version of the prescribed brand name drug if one is available.

Use this searchable database to find out what category your drug falls under.

Preferred Brand
Non-preferred Brand
Self-Administered Injectables/Specialty drugs
$ - lowest out-of-pocket cost $$ - higher out-of-pocket cost $$$ - higher out-of-pocket cost $$$$ - highest out-of-pocket cost